Monday, April 03, 2006

Sigur Rós

April Fool's Day was... uhm... two days ago. Here's the news bulletin from 18 Seconds Before Sunrise:

"sigur rós have been kind enough to give the fans a preview of the upcoming sæglópur ep. you can now download one of the b-sides, refur, here. refur is a unique sigur rós song as it marks the first time that kjartan steps away from his usual background vocals and takes the lead vocals. as a result, the song has taken a more upbeat direction than the band’s previous works, which, according to jónsi, is likely to characterize the band’s future releases. "

You should listen to it. It's stupid. Although, I reckon it'll probably make you laugh, when you think about the absolute beauty of Sigur Rós' glacial, orchestral, etc etc music, while you listen to the absolute... silliness... of this. Hehe..

So, that makes two April Fool's day pranks, which were rather amusing. Cool.

*Note: information originally discovered on Gorilla vs Bear.

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