Friday, February 16, 2007

She's Nothing Like November

Johnathan Rice

I Wouldn't Miss It For The World

Like a more confident Elliott Smith. Like a wordsmith who hasn't quite found his own imagery for the first verse so borrows others. This song could perhaps be considered cliché, but when delivered with such honesty, reminiscent of Between The Bars, well, I'm not complaining. Are you? Ambiguous and delicate, softly strummed, lovingly whispered, it ends with a promise - the motif throughout the song - "when you die I will come looking for you... I wouldn't miss it for the world". Because the world changes us, makes us harder, makes us stronger, makes us bitter... if we retain even a little of our souls, we'll have something to celebrate. [Buy]

Tobias Froberg


A wedding song. The ceremony's over; the church service, the meal, the drink, the speeches: everything's over and everything's run out. And you're slightly sad, because oh how you laughed at Jeff's speech; and the gifts - the gifts! - they're so beautiful, and you don't think you'll ever be able to let everyone know how much it means - oh it means so much! Everything's over and everything's run out. It's the last dance of the evening, the true reality starts here. The meaning of cold feet. The meaning of true love. [Buy]


I've been meaning to write about both songs since the 10th of July, 2006. I'm sorry it took so long. Two love songs in one day. It's almost like Valentine's day, a day too late. Welcome back.