Sunday, April 29, 2007



One Two Three Four

It starts off simple, slow and sweet with Girl-Scout guitar and Feist's trademark scratchy vocals. But soon enough, everyone around the campfire who can play an instrument decides to join in - even those who can only finger-click and hand-clap - to create this ebullient atmosphere; this reckless abandonment. It's so joyous - a song (penned by New Buffalo) filled with wonder and adolescent innocence. [Buy]


I'll Kill Her

I meant to feature this song around the same time as everyone else did, but somehow I never got around to it. Pleasing enunciation with a French accent; almost-but-not-quite spoken-word. Old-school guitar riffs which carry - and create their own - melodies, and simple one-note solos hovering just above. Chirpy, crisp, but oh-so-sad in its own way. Bitterness and obsession dressed up in quirky, playful clothes. [Info]


You can find an eighty-three minute long radio-show for which Pharrell, Ratatat and Soko picked songs - and played some of their own - here.


There's a bouncy castle and a chip-van - offering free food - outside. The sun is out and it's sidling up to the clouds and smiling. There's a speaker-system throwing old-school tunes across the grass. And if I was DJ-ing that Feist track would be played every hour. Somehow this feels worth mentioning.