Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hi, I’m alive, and I shall blog soon. Just wanted to say, there’s an interesting, amazing, brilliant, exciting gig coming up. It’s all these people:

My Latest Novel (

Zoey Van Goey (

Ben Butler and Mousepad (

Dolby-Anol (

Holy Mountain (

And they’ll all be soundtracking a piece of film in a room in The Arches, and turning it into a 1920’s film theatre. So, I’ll be there, sitting on a nice comfortable seat, and watching My Latest Novel, and buzzing.

My Latest Novel - The Reputation of Ross Francis

Be there or be square, I reckon. I shall blog about songs soon... starting with Emmy the Great, Kyte, Frightened Rabbit, Fast Emperors, Bon Iver and M83. Good times.

UPDATE: I only saw two bands, (My Latest Novel, and Zooey Van Gooey, plus the recap of all five band's videos...), but, it was FAN-tastic. Anyone else there? No? Just me? Well, give us a shout if you were. Let me know what you thought of the soundtracking!