Saturday, March 03, 2007

Stars Trust Stars

Prior to their next proper release (scheduled for a Fall release date), Stars are set to release a pretty exciting remix album, cleverly entitled "Do You Trust Your Friends?" on the 22nd of May. This album definitely looks like it'll be well-worth buying, as the album being remixed, Set Yourself on Fire, was fantastic. Additionally, one look at the acts doing the reinterpretations should be enough to set your heart on fire with excitement.

Stars - Do You Trust Your Friends?

1. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead - Final Fantasy
2. Set Yourself On Fire - Montag
3. Ageless Beauty - The Most Serene Republic
4. Reunion - Jason Collett
5. The Big Fight - Minotaur Shock
6. What I’m Trying To Say Pt. 1 - The Dears
7. What I’m Trying To Say Pt. 2 - The Dears
8. One More Night - Apostle of Hustle
9. Sleep Tonight - Junior Boys
10. The First Five Times - The Russian Futurists
11. He Lied About Death - Metric
12. Celebration Guns - Camouflage Nights with Kevin Drew
13. Soft Revolution - The Stills
14. Calendar Girl - Young Galaxy

I can't wait to hear half these songs. I adore Final Fantasy (coincidentally, his Grizzly Bear remix is one of my favourite songs - so regretful, so honest, so calm - a song sang in retrospect with tear stained cheeks), the one Montag remix I have (of M83) is breath-taking (the moment beginning at 1:17 is just beautiful - "how fast we die"), Junior Boys were fantastic live, and well... every other band on here is pretty much great. Anyway, the tracks below may give a rough indication of what to expect [though the MSTRKRFT remix is primarily for your own enjoyment. It's Saturday after all, and you need a top-quality tune to get you in the mood for a party].


The Most Serene Republic

Stars - Ageless Beauty (Most Serene Mix)

Final Fantasy

Grizzly Bear - Don't Ask (Final Fantasy Remix)


M83 - Teen Angst (Montag Remix)


Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Friday, March 02, 2007

OXEGEN 2007 - Sunday 8th July

As promised, here's the lineup (thus far) for Sunday. It looks well-good. Once again in order with artists I actually like at the front of the queue, and artists I've never heard of/dislike at the back of the line, here's the acts that have been announced so far.

N.B. If the main download links don't work, the alternative one's (all titled "Alt") most likely will. Thanks.

Sunday 8th July

Arcade Fire

Rebellion (Lies) - Alt

Considered by many to be the best live act in the world, there's pleasure to be derived from seeing so many band members going mental on-stage. Neon Bible is one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year, and while I'm not entirely sure of the album from my brief listens, I'm sure many will fall in love all over again. At the festival, I'm sure they will take the time to remind you that "sleeping is giving in". Because really, who goes to a festival to sleep? Take enough coffee, Pro Plus, or whatever other chemicals it is that'll keep you awake.

Bloc Party

The Once and Future King - Alt
Secrets - Alt
Selfish Son

With the release of A Weekend in the City, Bloc Party may have lost some of their fanbase, and brought in new listeners. Not quite the angular rock of their debut, it's a more electronic, swirling affair full of insightful social commentary. Also renowned as a fantastic live act, so well-worth seeing. Enjoy the assorted B-Sides where the sound is very much similar to their first album of "dance-rock" songs.

Daft Punk

Digital Love
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Human After All (Justice Remix)

The indie-man's dance band. Critical acclaim, commercial success, adoration from their fans, and their tunes playing in both ice-rinks and clubs all across the country.


Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix) - Alt
Magick (Simian's Mobile Disco Remix) - Alt
Atlantis to Interzone (Metronomy Remix) - Alt

Nu-wave. Say what? Anyway, have you listened to the radio recently? Ok, then you probably know everything you need to know about The Klaxons. Dancey tunes, art-school attitudes, literary references. I haven't properly listened to the album yet, but the majority of it seems decent enough, though not quite surpassing the brilliance of the singles. Or, some of the remixes for that matter.


Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above

I've never really quite got the hype about this band; but then, I've never seen them live. Above are two songs of theirs that I do rather enjoy.

The Killers

Mr. Brightside (Jacque Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Remix) - Alt
Somebody Told Me (Mylo Remix) - Alt

Songs equally at home in clubs and indie-disco's, everyone knows this band. You either like them, don't mind them, dislike them, or love them. I for one, am not overly fussed, but I do love a good dance to some of the songs.

The Kooks

Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover at Radio 1's Live Lounge)

"Naive" is a cracker tune. It truly is. Have you heard it? I'd imagine so. The rest of the songs are decent enough - pleasant, made-for-radio rock.


Golden Touch (at Radio 1's Live Lounge)

Never been a fan of the skintight costumes, the performance at Live 8, or much of their music, but damn... I love "America". Once again, sorry I couldn't upload it for your delight.

My Chemical Romance

Song 2 (Blur cover at Radio 1's Live Lounge)

You know, back when I used to be on IRC all the time talking about song-lyrics, music, and guitar-playing, I used to really enjoy this band. This was around the time of their first release, which had some truly great songs. They progressed from that to become a commercial success and wholly adopt the Gothic style. I don't like 'em much now, but they do have talent.

Deep Dish

Dreams featuring Stevie Nicks (Axwell Mix)

A dance band I know very little about. They did have one tune that I loved, but I can't remember what it is now.

James Morrison

I saw him on Richard & Judy and he seemed like quite a pleasant chap. His music isn't quite as absolutely fucking annoying as James Blunt's, and that must count for something.


Frankie Knuckles

Data Rock


P.S. At the time of writing, it looks like tickets for the festival are sold out, although more will probably appear for sale at a later date, once again from here. However, if you're now desperate for one, as you should be, then there's always everyone's favourite standby: Ebay.


Today I interrupt your morning coffee and viewing of This Morning to tell you something which excites me as much as Pitchfork. Of course, I don't live in America, nor do I have any money, so I shan't be going... But it's still pretty damn exciting. The Dismemberment Plan are reuniting for a one-off benefit for J. Robbins and Janet Morgan's son who was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Tickets are on sale today through Black Cat and Ticketmaster. Get buying if you live anywhere near there. I would love to go. And consequently, you should too. All proceeds from the gig will be used to pay the medical bills which currently can't be afforded. Even if you don't heart The Dismemberment Plan, maybe you'd like to donate.

The Dismemberment Plan

The Other Side

I've been meaning to write about the band for some time, and couldn't waste this excellent opportunity. But still, the words aren't forthcoming. Here's my best attempt to sum up this song, and much of their recorded material. It is the sound of university life in a foreign country. The displacement, the emotion, the closeness, the tenderness, the sadness of modern life. The intricacies of a relationship broken down and spoken quickly, rapidfire, missing out some points but getting the main ones seemingly into the same sentence which makes up for its lack of punctuation with the insightful pronunciation. So many of the lines ring true so much of the time, all placed hovering just above the ever erratic, intense drumming.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

OXEGEN 2007 - Saturday 7th July

So it's decision time. Today, the 1st of March 2007, is an Eve. Maybe not as special as Christmas Eve, or New Year's Eve, but even so, it's an Eve none-the-less. Tomorrow, tickets go on sale for OXEGEN 2007. Quote: "OXEGEN 2006 was the fastest selling event in the Irish music calendar and tickets for 2007 are certain to sell out fast" : Unquote.

So how much money is in your bank account right now? If you're a student, like myself, the answer is: fuck all. Thus, I doubt I'll be going. However, if you're undecided, take a look at the line up, and decide, because : I repeat : It's decision time. If you have an overdraft, I would advise you to use it. If someone owes you money, call in the debt. Sunday's line-up is shit-hot, if you're actually sober enough to make your way across the various stages. I'll post it later on tonight or tomorrow. Anyway, here we go:

In order with artists I actually like at the front of the queue, and artists I've never heard of/dislike at the back of the line, here's the acts that have been announced so far.

Saturday 7th July


Obstacle 1 (Arthur Baker's Return To New York Remix)

First album was amazing - you could play it on repeat for hours sitting having dinner with the family, or you could dance dance dance to any one of the tunes off it at an indie-disco pissed out of your head. Second album was a grower - but still a bit of a disappointment.

Erol Alkan

Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights (Erol Alkan's Love From Below Re-Edit)
Justice - Waters of Nazareth (Erol Alkan Dur Dur Durrr re-edit)

You've heard the hype. I've heard it's true. He is the ultimate party-starter - that's the word on the street.


Soulwax - NY Excuse (Justice Remix)
Death From Above 1979 - Blood On Our Hands (Justice Remix)

Indie-disco anyone? Electronic remixes and bloody amazing one's at that. Yes please. "Never Be Alone" was playing everywhere at all times all over the country. It brings back happy memories of sweaty nights dancing with friends. You have to have heard it. Seriously. Thus, instead of that, I give you these fine remixes. All have been involved in alcoholic dance-sessions that I've taken part in. You probably have too. These are C-H-O's... chooooons.


Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Remix)

Seen the advert for Skins? Me too. I love that ad. Damn good tune, damn fine show - not sure about the rest of the bands output [i.e. I haven't heard it.] But this one song remixed by - everyone's favourite - Soulwax, is relentlessly catchy.

Snow Patrol

Run (Live at KEXP)
Chasing Cars (Hey Team! Remix)
You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. (live Bright Eyes cover)
An Olive Grove Facing The Sea (live at SXSW)

With Eyes Open they crafted an album that went on to be number one in the UK for sales for the whole of 2006. Impressive. They used to be less stadium-rock [i.e. Less like Coldplay]. But still, everyone has a lot of hate for them, and I don't. I like them. The songs above are brilliant. Although I saw them perform on the Brits and it was one of the most soulless performances I've ever seen. Maybe sometimes they're actually good though? You decide.


Muse vs The Spinto Band - Supermassive Mandy

I heart Showbiz. Everything after that album was a bit hit-and-miss for me. And I don't get all this wanting to be Britney Spears craic. But you know... voted Best Live Act at the Brits must count for something. Right? Enjoy a mash-up that actually works for once.

Kings of Leon

I've heard Four Kicks covered about ten times live, always well. It's a great song. Aha Shake Heartbreak is an album I listened to in a car, the morning after, very hung over, and it is a great album. Youth and Young Manhood is an album I've listened to in the store-room of my then-workplace Longs while climbing up shelves and pretending to be working. It was pretty decent too. I'm sure they'd be great live.

Tori Amos

Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen cover)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)

Concept albums, and pretty piano songs. With as little familiarity as I have with her work, it's hard to say more. A nice quiet one for the crowd of hangover-kids.

Amy Winehouse

She's a sesh-head. She's bound to be good fun.

The Fratellis

They like IRN-BRU. I saw him carrying a bottle on the Brits. FACT! Sticking with the old Scottish heritage. Chelsea Dagger is equal parts catchy-as-hell and annoying-as-hell. It's a good singalong though.

Goo Goo Dolls

Iris (acoustic)
Slide (acoustic)

Say it with me now: Old. School. That said though, Iris is just one of those songs. One of the amazing one's that everyone has their own little memory for. It reappears on mix-tapes all over the place. It's on at house-party's. It's legendary. Slide, less so, but a decent tune, with a decent melody.

Scissor Sisters

Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand cover)

Never really catered to my tastes unless I was insanely drunk at the time. So yea, a good festival band I guess. Sorry about the dire 56kbps, but it's a good enough cover, so what the hell.


"Hi my name's Mika, and I'm a combination of Queen, the Scissor Sisters, and the Darkness. Enjoy my live screeching performance."



Booka Shade

Wu-tang Klan

No thanks.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

if it's not you then do it for the sake of fashion

Everyone would like 15 minutes of fame. Half the world is currently writing a blog post about themselves, about a band, about how they just featured in a 3 minute documentary which is currently #4876 on Everyone wants someone to take notice. It's like what they used to - and still say - about novelists. Everyone and their dog is a closet novelist, waiting for the final page to that masterpiece. Now it's not so much about being a novelist... it's just about going against the trends, becoming an actor, an artist, a singer, a band-member. Not getting a simple day-to-day office job, or being a construction worker. We all aspire to fame. Kele is your grandfather, telling you that you had the chance to be anything you ever wanted, and your choices have been self-serving and that you'll live to regret them. Was it worth it? For those few beautiful starlit nights when you passed out in a field, drunk? Probably.

Bloc Party


You know, I've listened to this song on repeat 22 times already today. It's not that it's particularly good. I think it's more to do with the passing, soothing nature of the song. It's certainly nothing special... but it does possess a lot of indie charm, and it's a relaxing song to sit with and contemplate. In short, it tides you over like a nice cup of tea. [Buy]

Pedro the Lion

When They Really Get To Know You They Will Run

Another one in the same vein. I know next to nothing about Pedro the Lion - ok, so I know he (David Bazan) is adored by his fans. Anyway, to my ears this song seems to be about the frivolity of school/university. The pretenses and fronts that all of us put on and put up with to make ourselves more likable. The fact that we can convince ourselves, and crucially: others, of anything. "Her tiara digging deep in her head"... I don't know about you, but since I seem to remember that David Bazan is religious, this line - for whatever reason - conjures up the image of a crown of thorns. High-school kids simultaneously blessed and mocked - liked and envied. But at the end of the day, this song is a summer song. One song off a mix-tape soundtracking kick-abouts on the beach. Image is everything. [Buy]

P.S. For the record: I think A Weekend in the City is well-worth buying. It's struggling to be a soundtrack to our generation, and almost succeeds. I adore it. You should too.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Old News

So my fileden account got suspended, I suspect because I put up that Johnathan Rice track. So I now have a new account, but consequently a lot of old links won't work. Sorry. Fresh starts and all that, though.

Hot Chip

Look After Me

Hot Chip can, at times, be the essence of electro-beauty. Like poetry read in silence. Synths played with eager hearts. A postal service for the new romantics. The sounds of a letter being delivered through the letter-box. The letter is from a old lover. Your romance was painted in many colours. A full palette was used to describe the two of you and it ended sad but hopeful. There is still fondness in the memory. There is still beauty in the retelling. And if ever the two of you were to meet again you'd be best friends, old lovers with no history other than a history of hugs and more hugs. Affection.

Words can't describe the beauty sometimes. Sometimes a photograph truly is worth a thousand words. And sometimes music is worthy of no words at all. Imagine sign language to those with perfect hearing. Offer your friend a bed in your room and let him lie down... put on Hot Chip and provide him with tea and a biscuit, even if he's not sick, he'll feel better after listening. Listen. Listen. Listen. [Buy]

Text written 14th August 2006

Scala Choir & Kolacny Brothers

Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus cover)

It's the quirky piano line. It's the staccato. It's the fact that a five-year old could play it with ease. It's the fact that it's youthful voices, full of purity, singing, in unity, about the youthful hassles of growing up. It's quirky, eccentric, popular, and pure. In its essence is happiness. Right beside the happiness lies silliness. It's novel. The novelty may wear out. But for now, it will do. [Buy]

Text written 12th September 2006