Friday, March 02, 2007


Today I interrupt your morning coffee and viewing of This Morning to tell you something which excites me as much as Pitchfork. Of course, I don't live in America, nor do I have any money, so I shan't be going... But it's still pretty damn exciting. The Dismemberment Plan are reuniting for a one-off benefit for J. Robbins and Janet Morgan's son who was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Tickets are on sale today through Black Cat and Ticketmaster. Get buying if you live anywhere near there. I would love to go. And consequently, you should too. All proceeds from the gig will be used to pay the medical bills which currently can't be afforded. Even if you don't heart The Dismemberment Plan, maybe you'd like to donate.

The Dismemberment Plan

The Other Side

I've been meaning to write about the band for some time, and couldn't waste this excellent opportunity. But still, the words aren't forthcoming. Here's my best attempt to sum up this song, and much of their recorded material. It is the sound of university life in a foreign country. The displacement, the emotion, the closeness, the tenderness, the sadness of modern life. The intricacies of a relationship broken down and spoken quickly, rapidfire, missing out some points but getting the main ones seemingly into the same sentence which makes up for its lack of punctuation with the insightful pronunciation. So many of the lines ring true so much of the time, all placed hovering just above the ever erratic, intense drumming.

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