Friday, March 10, 2006

I will be pure. Like snow. Like gold., I don't really have any time to post properly so I'll just leave you with this lovely little song from counter-cultures new hero, the next Bob Dylan, blah blah hyperbole blah blah...

He's amazing, basically, and this [No Lies, Just Love] is one of his saddest songs [in my opinion], about a suicide that never happens. It's a good story, listen close to the lyrics and you'll see why he's so celebrated within the indie scene [and now also in the mainstream thanks to the commercial success-slash-promotion of his new album.]

Bright Eyes

Lua *Note: I haven't got hosting. Thus, there shall be no No Lies, Just Love... Instead,here's a song about depression... [thus, ignore all the above part of this post]

Remember that long post I promised ages ago? About Bright Eyes? and Saddle Creek... and stuff? Well, soon. Soon soon soon... hope you like the song. Mellowdrone tonight/tomorrow - along with their lovely cover of Again [the Faith Evans song]. Bye.

P.S. The snow I talked about last week is gone. It lasted about 4 days. Beauty fades with time and familiarity.

I just want to hear the band....

The Brakes include Eamonn, who left British Sea Power, and two members of The Electric Soft Parade. The lyrics are fun... a good old stick-it-to-the-indie-geeks-trying-to-get-it-on-but-only-if-you-fit-the-criteria.. I like hyphens, if you've noticed. Anyways, a very short song, here ya go... posting will return to normal soon, when I actually get some sleep. I'm going to post Mellowdrone MP3's soon. And Figurines. 'Cause I'm listening now... and damn they're good. Woo...

The Brakes

Hi, How Are You?

P.S. My first EZ Archive hosted file. Jeez, I am an idiot. Hope it works. If it doesn't, I give up.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Indie Scene: Questionable Content

So, I officially love Regina Spektor after hearing two tracks. They're both on podcasts though so I'll have to cut them all up when I'm at home. Then I can host just those two songs, for handyness sake. Woo! She's amazing, thus worth it, anyway currently I'm reading Questionable Content, and it's amazing. Takes the piss out of scenesters, which is always good. Although, it's all harmless banter really. Being scene is something alot of people are without trying to be; for example, they might have scene aspects [interests and likes]: Literature, Popular Culture, Music, Second-Hand Clothes, Geek/Chic Glasses, Computers. I would actually call these scene interests [even computers which on paper doesn't look like it fits, but then: just look at Jeph Jacques, to me he seems fairly scene whilst not trying to be and with an obvious interest in computers], but it's hard to define scene.

*Note: click on image for full-size. Then you can read it and see that it's funny. It fucked up when I condensed it, sorry - it was necessary.

Keeping it all light-hearted - which stops it from becoming an elitist criticising elitism. If you go to the site, here, then you can also read the funny one of being post-post-ironic where you go far past irony that you're actually sincere [whilst alluding to Deerhoof - the band - which is impressive]. So yea, if you're interested in Indie, or scene, or music, or anything like that - or just anything - then you should definitely check it out. It's great...

By the end of the post there's always something more to say. I found loads of Regina Spektor there now, so expect me to feature that definitely sometime soon. Such a pretty/interesting voice.

The Sound of Animals Fighting

Here's a short post, I know nothing about this band, I just downloaded a song [ACT II] for the hell of it, but it's pretty good in that motivated, charging, indie-rock-[pushing-onto-emo-slash-almost-but-not-quite-dull]-territory. It has an interesting intro. But then it's a bit hit and miss... but, well; figure it out for yourself. The band are The Sound of Animals Fighting. While this isn't the best thing I've ever heard, it's still better than alot of the durr/dull/mundane/boring music I listen to on a daily basis.

Ok, so that song's finished, and I'm now listening to Postlude while I type this, and whilst it's interesting, it's also... I dunno. I don't want to sway your judgement anymore than I already have. Basically it's different from Act II, no guitars, just noise.
*Note: I am critical by nature

The Sound of Animals Fighting

Act II - All is ash or the light is shining through

Another thing: I despise their website. It's too big, tries to be too much, fails. A valiant effort, however.. [*Note: I feel the same way about Postlude, as I do about their website] Maybe it's a problem with viewing it in IE. On the otherhand, maybe it's just shit. Hope you like the band.

Final note: Postlude just ended. The ending 3 notes [played twice] were the best part of the song [for me].

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From Cap'n Jazz to Maritime; here's how

Cap'n Jazz kick-started it all, with Davey vonBohlen forming The Promise Ring. Scott Beschta, bassist of The Promise Ring, joined Pele as a keyboardist. When The Promise Ring split up, Davey and Dan formed the band Maritime.. This band also included Eric Axelson of The Dismemberment Plan who have since disbanded. Their singer was Travis Morrison... then Eric Axelson left ...Maritime since he wanted to spend more time at home.


Cap'n Jazz
The Promise Ring
Maritime [again]
Travis Morrison
The Dismemberment Plan

Cap'n Jazz

Well... Cap'n Jazz, who I know nothing about. But who, based upon one song, I like. This song reminds me alot of Kings of Leon, both instrumentally and vocally... and that's a good thing. Although, if I'm perfectly honest, I don't really listen to much of Kings of Leon, so maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think I am... judging by this:

"Kinsella has always imbued a scat-like free association quality to his lyrics, stringing words together so that they become as much a part of the rhythm and melody of the song as the bass and guitar. "Little League" is a shining example of the way Cap'n Jazz could switch from hypnotic, melodic indie rock to scathing hardcore in an instant without alienating listeners or losing track of their direction. " - Epitonic

...that vocals as an instrument thing, seems to me very much like a Kings of Leon style thing, though Cap'n Jazz preceded them [Kings of Leon formed 5 years after Cap'n Jazz split up] so perhaps that sentence should be reversed. It's an interesting technique also employed by experimental, post-rock bands such as Sigur Rós, and Efterklang.

"With only one full-length album to their name alongside a handful of singles and compilation tracks, Cap’n Jazz left a longstanding impression and irrefutable influence on the bohemian punk scene and unwittingly spawned a breeding ground for future scene stars such as the Promise Ring and Joan Of Arc." - Jade Tree

Davey vonBohlen, guitar and vocals, went on to become a founding member of The Promise Ring... Cap'n Jazz split up in 1995...

Cap'n Jazz

Little League