Friday, March 03, 2006

The Promise Ring

As I write this [which is a day earlier than you will have a first chance to see this, due to my use of drafts] I'm listening to the new Drowned in Sound Podcast... go here to see the sub-site dedicated to it, where you can subscribe to it and perhaps get old episodes? If not, then download it directly simply by clicking on this link right here. It's a tad good. Featuring Stars, Broken Social Scene, and Múm - bands of which I am a big fan. But anyway, today I'll post on... hmm... The Promise Ring. In their time they were among the forerunners of the "emo" style [I dread saying that word when I blog. I expect backlash]... But yea, they were. I know next to nothing about them, other than...

...they look like that... and...

"After signing with Jade Tree in 1996, The Promise Ring went on to release a slew of EPs and full-length albums that have seen accolades everywhere from the well-respected pages of The New York Times to the uber-groovy Teen People" - courtesy of Jade Tree Records

"The Promise Ring were one of the most popular emo bands of the '90s, epitomizing the poppier, more accessible wing of the style. Along with Sunny Day Real Estate, the Get Up Kids, Braid, and Jimmy Eat World, they helped bring emo from the punk underground to a wider indie rock audience in the latter half of the decade... The Promise Ring were formed in Milwaukee in early 1995 from the remnants of several other Midwestern emo outfits. Guitarist/singer Davey vonBohlen was still a member of the acclaimed cult band Cap'n Jazz when he started jamming with guitarist Jason Gnewikow (ex-None Left Standing), drummer Dan Didier (ex-Ceilishrine), and bassist Scott Beschta" - courtesy of VH1; click here to read more

and rather irrelevantly:

"A promise ring is a small, inexpensive ring given to a boyfriend or girlfriend, to promise not to court a rival" - courtesy of Wikipedia; read that here

Also of note, as I mentioned before is that both Dan and Davey from The Promise Ring are now in the band Maritime...

The Promise Ring

Electric Pink
The Deep South
Best Looking Boys
Why Did We Ever Meet?
I Never Trusted The Russians
Red Paint
Texas Avenue
A Picture Postcard


Drowned in Sound Podcast #6

Enjoy. Expect a post linking all these bands [The Dismemberment Plan, The Promise Ring, Maritime, Travis Morrison, etc] together...

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