Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oh Snow! Oh My!

So it's snowing. Real, honest, here-to-stay [at least for a day - or two], proper snow. Not even that crappy slushy fade-away-in-five-seconds-so-you-really-should-look-at-it-now snow. Oh No! This is good snow and it's been here for a day and should be here for another day if the news is to believed. Oh My! I'm sitting in the library and though I was listening to Dismemberment Plan, I've now changed and I'm now listening to Jack Johnson and watching the snow-fall. It's a good job I can touch-type. This feels right. This is how life should be. It would be perfect, if only I had more caffeine and more sleep. Anyway...

*Note: A view of snow through the corporate window of opportunity. Or some such bollocks.

Formerly The Jolly Rogers, Oh No! Oh My! are a fantastic band, and perfect - and I mean perfect - for mixtapes. Honestly, I've made like 6 mixtapes in the past while and they've been on about 3 of them, which goes against my own rule that (recent) past artists should not be featured on new mixtapes. The songs are short, and sweet. Although "I Have No Sister" is kind of creepy. Alot of the bloggers feature the songs that I'm not as fond of, so I'm going to feature my favourite songs, ie the one's I put on the mixtape.

Oh No! Oh My!

Oh Be One
The Bike, Sir
The Party Punch
Walk in the Park

If "it's a lovely day for a walk in the park", then you should leave your car at home. It's probably snowed over anyway.

Hope you enjoyed the happy music. Here's a little information from their FAQ:

Q: Will you be playing a show near me anytime soon?

A: The short answer is no, probably not. Greg and Daniel (me) are currently residing in Nashville attending an Audio Engineering school through September, while Joel is still currently located in Austin. We are considering a small tour in October when our schooling is over though. We might possibly take that tour as an opportunity to scout out a new place to live...Seattle is currently winning right now. But send us an email and tell us where you'd like us to play and where you think we should move to!

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