Thursday, March 02, 2006

Travis Morrison [and his absolutely Ludacris cover]

I love Google. Like I said, I did have that Travis Morrison cover of What's Your Fantasy? before. Now I can proudly say I have it again. Turns out it's still featured on the website, despite it no longer being linked to. Here you go. Also, since I like him, I'll link to more MP3's from his album Travistan, out on Barsuk Records and described as "a rewarding art-pop risk" [alternative press].

Travis Morrison

What's Your Fantasy? (Ludacris Cover)
Born In 72
People Die
*Note: right-click and save target as on the latter two. Barsuk have done something funny to their links.. I think.

I think you should all download these tracks and then see what you think. After that you can read the Pitchfork review which tore this album apart. To do that go here. Turns out it was indeed less than 1/10. It was zero - 0.0/10.00... impressive. I haven't actually checked out the album myself, but the MP3's I posted are good-listening. Born in 72 reminds me of Josh Rouse... just because of the title, I guess. As well as the very first vocal-line.

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Dinah said...

Thank you! I once had the Ludacris cover, then lost it, and now I have it again.