Thursday, March 02, 2006


I said that one of the former members of The Dismemberment Plan was in Maritime. Turns out, Eric Axelson is now a former member of that band too:

"After a little more than two years of playing in the band, I decided it was time for me to call it a day on touring. I've been on the road a ton in the past 7 years of my life and wanted to stay closer to home. It's been nothing but fun playing with Maritime and we're all on good terms, I just wanted them to be able to tour as much as they felt necessary without me holding them back. Our good friend Justin Klug is taking over the bass duties. You may know him from the band Decibully. Great guy and a great bass player. As for me, I've been playing with friends randomly in D.C. but not trying to start a band, just making noise and enjoying being home."

His involvement in the band is what first piqued my interest in them, but oh well. They're still a very good very soft nice little acoustic-orientated band. Need your interest piqued due to that dull, drab description? Maritime consists of Davey von Bohlen and Dan Didier of The Promise Ring, as well as the new guy.

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I Used To Be A Singer
Future Is Wired
A Night Like This
Sleep Around

As always: enjoy. Maybe even go buy their albums? - Glass Floor, and We, the Vehicles. You know you should... go visit their website and then go to the shop.

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