Wednesday, April 04, 2007



Must Be The Moon

This song is a slut. It doesn't make a big deal about it. It swaggers like it would swagger if we didn't know it was a slut. It is what it is. It's as infectiously catchy as STD's. If you smile at it, it'll take you a walk. All of a sudden you're in its arms in your own bedroom. And as it gets redressed later on, it'll be casual about its nakedness, and if you point it out, it'll look at you and be like, "yea, I know, I'm getting dressed now". I can't stop listening to this song every time I put the CD in. I'm charmed; and if asked would I ever go for a one-night stand again with this song, I'd probably say no, but in my heart the answer would be yes, yes, yes! Oh, please! [Buy]



Highly regarded by !!!'s fans, (their best song yet, apparently), this makes me dizzy. I only heard it the other day. It sounds like a live session to me. Like they were in the middle of Soho one day, drinking, and they said to the bar-staff, "Hey guys, is it alright if we just set up here? Maybe, play a song or two?". And normally the response would be "No, of course not", but the sun was out, and these kids were charming. So they shrugged, nodded "yes". And it's like they recorded the whole thing, there on the spot, with the band just sort of glancing at each other with half-smiles and happy-smirks, jamming it up, instruments coming in and out of songs like restless guests at house parties ("hey the kitchen is where it's at man! - actually, no, I think I want to sit down in the living room for a minute"). Can you feel it intensify?! Can you feel it? Put your hands up! C'mon!


These songs are for everyone who celebrated the weekend and the start of the week with alcohol and friends.