Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cap'n Jazz

Well... Cap'n Jazz, who I know nothing about. But who, based upon one song, I like. This song reminds me alot of Kings of Leon, both instrumentally and vocally... and that's a good thing. Although, if I'm perfectly honest, I don't really listen to much of Kings of Leon, so maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think I am... judging by this:

"Kinsella has always imbued a scat-like free association quality to his lyrics, stringing words together so that they become as much a part of the rhythm and melody of the song as the bass and guitar. "Little League" is a shining example of the way Cap'n Jazz could switch from hypnotic, melodic indie rock to scathing hardcore in an instant without alienating listeners or losing track of their direction. " - Epitonic

...that vocals as an instrument thing, seems to me very much like a Kings of Leon style thing, though Cap'n Jazz preceded them [Kings of Leon formed 5 years after Cap'n Jazz split up] so perhaps that sentence should be reversed. It's an interesting technique also employed by experimental, post-rock bands such as Sigur Rós, and Efterklang.

"With only one full-length album to their name alongside a handful of singles and compilation tracks, Cap’n Jazz left a longstanding impression and irrefutable influence on the bohemian punk scene and unwittingly spawned a breeding ground for future scene stars such as the Promise Ring and Joan Of Arc." - Jade Tree

Davey vonBohlen, guitar and vocals, went on to become a founding member of The Promise Ring... Cap'n Jazz split up in 1995...

Cap'n Jazz

Little League

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