Friday, March 10, 2006

I just want to hear the band....

The Brakes include Eamonn, who left British Sea Power, and two members of The Electric Soft Parade. The lyrics are fun... a good old stick-it-to-the-indie-geeks-trying-to-get-it-on-but-only-if-you-fit-the-criteria.. I like hyphens, if you've noticed. Anyways, a very short song, here ya go... posting will return to normal soon, when I actually get some sleep. I'm going to post Mellowdrone MP3's soon. And Figurines. 'Cause I'm listening now... and damn they're good. Woo...

The Brakes

Hi, How Are You?

P.S. My first EZ Archive hosted file. Jeez, I am an idiot. Hope it works. If it doesn't, I give up.

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