Friday, March 10, 2006

I will be pure. Like snow. Like gold., I don't really have any time to post properly so I'll just leave you with this lovely little song from counter-cultures new hero, the next Bob Dylan, blah blah hyperbole blah blah...

He's amazing, basically, and this [No Lies, Just Love] is one of his saddest songs [in my opinion], about a suicide that never happens. It's a good story, listen close to the lyrics and you'll see why he's so celebrated within the indie scene [and now also in the mainstream thanks to the commercial success-slash-promotion of his new album.]

Bright Eyes

Lua *Note: I haven't got hosting. Thus, there shall be no No Lies, Just Love... Instead,here's a song about depression... [thus, ignore all the above part of this post]

Remember that long post I promised ages ago? About Bright Eyes? and Saddle Creek... and stuff? Well, soon. Soon soon soon... hope you like the song. Mellowdrone tonight/tomorrow - along with their lovely cover of Again [the Faith Evans song]. Bye.

P.S. The snow I talked about last week is gone. It lasted about 4 days. Beauty fades with time and familiarity.

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