Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Indie Scene: Questionable Content

So, I officially love Regina Spektor after hearing two tracks. They're both on podcasts though so I'll have to cut them all up when I'm at home. Then I can host just those two songs, for handyness sake. Woo! She's amazing, thus worth it, anyway currently I'm reading Questionable Content, and it's amazing. Takes the piss out of scenesters, which is always good. Although, it's all harmless banter really. Being scene is something alot of people are without trying to be; for example, they might have scene aspects [interests and likes]: Literature, Popular Culture, Music, Second-Hand Clothes, Geek/Chic Glasses, Computers. I would actually call these scene interests [even computers which on paper doesn't look like it fits, but then: just look at Jeph Jacques, to me he seems fairly scene whilst not trying to be and with an obvious interest in computers], but it's hard to define scene.

*Note: click on image for full-size. Then you can read it and see that it's funny. It fucked up when I condensed it, sorry - it was necessary.

Keeping it all light-hearted - which stops it from becoming an elitist criticising elitism. If you go to the site, here, then you can also read the funny one of being post-post-ironic where you go far past irony that you're actually sincere [whilst alluding to Deerhoof - the band - which is impressive]. So yea, if you're interested in Indie, or scene, or music, or anything like that - or just anything - then you should definitely check it out. It's great...

By the end of the post there's always something more to say. I found loads of Regina Spektor there now, so expect me to feature that definitely sometime soon. Such a pretty/interesting voice.

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