Monday, January 23, 2006

Moving Pictures

...and this is the end

Ever watched The Rock? If not, you really should. For the action/thriller genre it's really quite fabulous. Funny, witty one-liners carry the engaging story to a perhaps predictable conclusion. But that's what these films are all about - light entertainment, with a pinch of thought-provocation.

"Losers always say about how they did their best... meanwhile the winners go home and fuck the prom queen"

A brilliant line. So yea, the screenshot above is from the film. It should encourage you to watch it 'cause that's a really beautiful piece of cinema...

Anyway. If you want more than just action/trillers, check out I ♥ Huckabees... it's an amazing film. I'll go find a review and post it... 'cause it's well worth watching.

"Yea, ok, I get it. Everything is the same, even though everything is different"

A startling comedy which touches on the subject of existentialism (in particular, existentialism and existential nihilism - philosophers such as Sartre were into this).

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