Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Discovery. Joy. [Invention]

No, this post isn't about Biffy Clyro. If you scroll down this little blog even slightly, you'll see a rather mammoth post on The Poets of Rhythm. Well, if you read it, you can tell I was very excited about their live show. Now you can see why I loved their music.

The Poets of Rhythm

More Mess On My Things
Funky Runthrough Part 1 & 2
*Note: only MP3 clips. Not full songs.

Brilliant saxophone use? Brilliant funk? Brilliant soul? I think so. Brilliant.

"Arguably the pioneers of the new heavy funk movement, Munich's own, Poets of Rhythm, recorded this debut album in 1993, years before Desco, Daptone, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, or any of the rest of us ever got covered in the filth of raw funk. However, Practice What You Preach can be measured beyond the modern scene and stands tall as one of the great full length Funk-Soul albums of all time." - Daptone Records

Note the DJ Shadow mention, all scenesters. Buy their debut album, here.

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