Thursday, May 18, 2006

i don't even know what i'm doing here

Imagine you have a piece of paper and five different coloured pens and your task is to create twenty beautiful/cool pictures [four in each colour], but you're only allowed the one sheet of paper. Could you do it? Maybe you'll create one or two masterpieces but the rest will become cluttered and hidden underneath one another. Well, Smile For The Cameraman, Honey manages the task wonderfully. Through cutting up the best [and worst?] of popular music he manages to create an entirely different beast, which, pretty much, rocks. And although sometimes it can all become very cluttered and overwhelming, there is enough skill in the beat selections and the remixing to allow it all to flow brilliantly, and enough quirkiness for it to appeal to a wider audience than just the indie/rock kids, [although they're probably the ones who will see the true brilliance of such a project - since, y'know, they probably already love 2manydj's or whatever].

A bit of irrelevant info that proves relevant: I was outside before doing this post, clearing my head and polluting my lungs. It started raining. Like really raining. Then it stopped... for a second. Before starting again - heavier this time. I like to think of SFTCMH like that. Frentic bursts of energy that stop, for just a second, to allow you a breather before rocking out even harder.

A little bit more: In Derry, Sandinos does an Indie Disco night every other Friday which is two DJ's playing the best rock/indie/pop music and making everyone dance. SFTCMH is like that 3 hour Indie Disco cut up mixed up stuck together and then made into a [just over] two minute song. In other words, absolutely brilliant. This is your Friday night music, from now on.

Smile For The Cameraman, Honey

Snips! 12
Snips! 5
All yr secrets (Snips! Remix)

#1: I also included the remix he did for The Flying Matchstick Men.

#2: These are Myspace download links so may take a second.
#3: This is the second version of this post. Blogger ripped the first one apart.

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