Thursday, January 25, 2007

in words once beautiful!

It's hard to be miserable, after going out for a sesh. A sesh, for those not in the know = a night, of partying, of drinking, of having a laugh with friends. Harder than that though, is constructing coherent sentences whilst inebriated... but we'll give it a go.

Jeniferever. What is there to say? They're signed to Drowned In Sound Records - an off-shoot of the music-news-reviews-information website Drowned In Sound. The main thing with the band, EVEN THOUGH they're a post-rock band, is that their main focus - the thing which will BREAK... YOUR... HEART... about this band - is the vocals. Odd, I know. Generally, post-rock relies upon the music as the main heart-tugger [see: Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai - who use a few voice samples, Godspeed You! Black Emperor - ditto, Sigur Rós - who use melody, but not so much lyrics, etc].

But Jeniferever have beautiful lyrics. One's that will tug and tug and tug and not relent until finally you say, "ok, I get it, I'm crying, my heart is breaking, what more do you need?" This song starts pseudo-triumphantly. It's almost like we're all - the whole world and I! we're pretending! yes, yes we are! - pretending that we're fine, it's ok, we'll go on! But you know, by the end I'm weeping - we're all... yes, the whole world and I! we're weeping! yes! we are... I'm sorry, but we are! - sorry, the whole world is weeping, at the thought of things that are broken, that can never - NEVER - be fixed, and I don't know why; and nor do they.

But you know, I dream. I dream, every single night. Yes, every! single! night! That "your eyes would... burn as bright as they once did! burn as if you were seventeen!" Because I loved you then. I did. And the end of this song - the quiet words, the quiet instruments; the broken-heart spilling out into song - that's how I'll always feel. Even though I still have my dreams, and those lyrics, all about you - six at last count; even though I have all of this, I will still miss you.


The Sound Of Beating Wings

Imagine the loss of a friend. Someone who you've been with for say, six months, a year? - No! more than that! - someone who you've had a relationship with since... since seven years ago. Someone you've always loved but they've never known, truly. Someone, let's say, you became friendly with, properly, sincerely, for about a year and a half. And something happened, you don't know what, but things drifted apart, someone/something severely broke the bond, but in your heart it's still there - the bond - it will always be there. You'll always love them even if they will never - NEVER - know it. This song is about them.

"the loss of you left the scars that will always be a part of me"

That's the truth. Even if you never know it.

[and what are the words? the words once beautiful? what are they?

I loved you.]

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