Thursday, March 29, 2007


The stunningly beautiful Lisa Lobsinger's profile rose, quite noticeably, when she started touring with indie-rock legends (nay, GENIUSES) Broken Social Scene. She became another member in their ever changing roster of female vocalists (Feist, Emily Haines, Amy Millan). She likes to sing barefoot. When she sang "Anthem For A Seventeen Year Old Girl" my eyes welled up with tears. When she moved, my eyes followed her. I had to force myself to stop staring, so I could concentrate on the other members of the band. Broken Social Scene at Mandela Hall, Belfast = best live gig I have ever attended? Damn right.

Reverie Sound Revue

An Anniversary Away (demo)

Anyway, she's also the lead singer in a little known band called Reverie Sound Revue who make dreamy ("Reverie" coming from the French word, "Rever", meaning "to dream") lullabies, full of soothing syllables, and easy going ambiance. I thought that after her Broken Social Scene recruitment they had broken up, but no... it appears they are now working on their debut album some five years after their formation. And above you'll see the first available track (a rough demo) from it. Pretty sweet, huh? It's a bit more eerie and ethereal than previous songs, and I like it. I am EXCITED. Although, I think it's also the thought of getting a physical disc with sleeve-notes featuring her beautiful face. And people call me shallow.

Reverie Sound Revue

Walking Around, Waiting Downtown
This City Belongs To Us
Rip The Universe
One Marathon
Passes and Passports

Enjoy catching up on what the band sound like, and learning what you should (maybe) expect from their forthcoming album (which as yet has no release date, and (I think) no record label).


Broken Social Scene

Anthem For A Seventeen Year Old Girl
It's All Gonna Break (live)

By the way, if you've never experienced Broken Social Scene live, you've never lived. If you haven't discovered their music yet, now is the time. Actually. One of my favourite bands, despite only finding out about them with the advent of mp3 blogs (and my subsequent discovery of said blogs), and the release of their FANTASTIC, yes, FANTASTIC, chaotic, beautiful, swirling, production-wise absolutely-spot-on, self-titled album. I really love this band. [Buy]


Roland said...

I can't wait for the album, thanks for the demo! Did you see Lisa singing "Anthems" live? (It's Emily Haines on the studio version.) Keep up the good work!

say anything syndrome said...

Yea, the first time I ever heard Anthems (I'd heard the blog-buzz for it, but never actually got around to downloading the song), was when Lisa sang it live.

Thus, I was almost disappointed when I bought You Forgot It In People at the gig that night and saw in the liner-notes that it was Emily.

That said though, putting that CD on and hoping that Anthems was on it (I didn't know the songs name, nor which album it was on) and then discovering that it was, was one of the best and most exciting things ever to happen to me (in terms of music).

Anonymous said...

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