Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So, who enjoyed St. Patrick's day? Ireland didn't win the Six Nations (no!), which was a bit gutting. But, much later on, I ended up in a club full of Scottish people, wearing Guinness hats, dancing to "She is handsome, she is pretty / she is the girl from Belfast city!" So you know, pretty fun, from what I can remember.


Colour Me In

The Redneck Manifesto

The Dillon Family Dancers

Fittingly, these songs are by Irish bands (huni, i'm home! - Glasgow, you are a lot better for live music, but Ireland, you have just as many bands to fall in love with!) These songs loiter, shyly, about the room before they fully get to know everyone. And there's an edge to them. As if, at some moment (The Redneck Manifesto slip out from under the gentle funk dress and into something more aggressive and sexual at 2:10; Berkeley break in with the angst-ridden drums at 3:54), they're just going to throw themselves out a window ("haha, bet you didn't see that coming!"), or else they're waiting for the ideal moment to run around the room dancing, making everyone laugh. Because they're charmers, through and through. Even if they won't admit it at first.

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