Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Hi. Radiohead have an album out tomorrow. Tomorrow is, technically, only five minutes away now. As soon as the second goes past midnight everyone who's bought the album will be waiting for their activation codes. Exciting, huh? Join the club: order it. Quickly.

Be a part of the digital revolution or whatever this is.

Personally, I just want to hear "Nude" recorded, properly, for the first time. I'm excited. Why? Because, live it's enough to bring tears to your eyes.


Indecisive. said...

I just kinda stumbled across your blog... whilst trying to find Bloc Party - I Still Remember (Lull's music box and tears mix), so I thought I'd leave a message and say hi. I've not really got into using this thing yet, but I think I might start. You have good taste in music. x

Colin said...

A bit like indecisive, I stumbled here through Hype Machine and thought I'd say a wee hello.

A Glasgow connection.

And thanks for live Damien Rice and remixed Interpol.


Colin said...

Ps, Yes, the recorded version of 'Nude' is a treat. The whole album is beyond my highest expectations actually. Floored, again.

Anonymous said...

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