Wednesday, November 16, 2005

MySpace - my lyrics

[ This post is taken straight from the blog on MySpace. I thought you might like to see the lyrics I posted... plus, it's an advertisement for it. since it has my profile. and also... this is the best part... bands i like, in alphabetical order!!!... That is all ]

So... I really did spend too long updating my myspace. bit sad really. and my profile is all done now i reckon... except for books. so many books/authors missing. same for music i guess... anyway, i hate "about me" sections. bit silly. hard to say anything sensical. but still. uhm.. yea. since i've nothing else to say I think I'll post some lyrics from ages ago for the fun. I pure love the word darling. not really.

Lolla (or... lol-la.. as in that's funny, lad)

Bury the hatchet
But not in my back
I swear I'll give you the answer
Six days away from the front page
And a few last breaths away from death
And even though I know you...
I'll romance you like I'm young and charming
Even though I know you know I'm not, darling

Bury the hatchet
Old excuses have brought up new evidence
The gloves you wore 6 months before have left threads
They're embedded deep within my spine
Let's not forget about the sparkling wine
Darling, the champagne isn't ready so let's make some of our
Own pain and when wedding bells ring in your ears,
Promise me you won't forget this.

You told me it was merely a headache
But I think it was heartache
Yea, it's one word, but one plus one is one
So maybe it means more than that
An equation that has more letters than numbers
Well, isn't that called a diary?
Darling, I lost the little black book
But it's ok, I guess you kept the black box
And I still know your number off by heart anyway

So what if I open this?
And I play back the tape?
Will you bury the hatchet?
Or will you just forget me?
Even though you know me, I'll try and seem charming
It's hardly surprising that we're still going
Full-speed towards the oncoming trainwreck
Darling, hasn't it ever occurred to you
That these two damaged souls were always meant for each other?

Darling, I lost the little red box
You gave to me on our wedding day
The one with all the frills, that says "strings attached"
I know I know.. I'm sorry
And I guess you kept the black box
The one that's our little secret
It explains where we went wrong
(but we don't have to know)

Bye now. love. x

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