Wednesday, November 16, 2005

[ This Photograph is Proof ] I'm a rockstar..

Halloween night - I thought I was a rockstar. Take a look at me... Posted by Picasa

...maybe I am?

Photographic Commentary

Here's what this photograph says to me:

"i am class"
"where's the strap go?"
"i'm dead confused"
"if i look down long enough the camera will stop pointing at me"
"i am god with a guitar"


Anyways, no use acting like a rockstar and not being one. So, without much further ado...

The Scarlet Twilight - This is me on my own, with a guitar, a computer, and Cool Edit... all instrumental...

Vodka, Stamps, Flowers - This is me with a friend from work... one song has vocals, and is actually rather good, I believe. The other is instrumental but still worth a listen.

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