Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Next to Argyle you are June Perfume

So... you should definitely check out Scissors for Lefty. Indie-rock that makes me want to dance. and indie kids love to dance, even if they pretend they're too emo to do anything other than stand in the corner holding onto their scarves for dear life as if they're the ropes that they're clinging onto that will save them from drowning; as if they're a lifeline...

well i don't care.. let go of your scarf. it's a piece of wool/cotton/[polyester?]; it's manufactured [or is yours hand-woven?]; - it is nothing more than fabric. Are we cold or are we trendy? - somedays I really do not know. But essentially, does it matter? No, of course not. Let go and then let's go! let go of your scarf, stop standing in the corner, stop staring at the floor - take a look around you and get your groove on.. listenin' to Next To Argyle. let's face it.. "I could be wrong... but I'm not".

This band make me excited. listen to the stutter near the start of "Next to Argyle". i love that. "we should cele- br br br -brate". Who else has executed the singing stammer so perfectly other than Brand New? [It's k-k-k-k-controversial]

The following is a Neutral Milk Hotel reference.. [I've only ever listened to one song. I'm sure they're as good as they're cracked up to be. but anyway..]

"We will float until we learn to swim"... will we? No. We will float about until we learn to dance. hey-ho, let's go.

Scissors for Lefty

Next To Argyle
Save It, Cory

P.S. For more information about this band go to this post at Sixeyes.. I realise that I didn't say much about style, content, record labels - any of that... I'm sorry. I'm too excited.

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