Thursday, February 23, 2006

...I never saw the beach

So it turns out I never went to the beach. Instead I stayed home and played computer games. Like Championship Manager 5. Theme Park [SNES Rom - old school is the best school]. Warcraft III. And... I desperately wanted to play The Sims - who knows why? - but still, I never got to becuase I don't have it. Well, now that you're updated... I'll go post another simple post before I do a decent post on Regina Spektor [hopefully?] and a post on Saddle-Creek and Conor/Matt Oberst [definitely!]. So, let's hand it over to Wiredset again...

Many people will have heard of the Mull Historical Society, I definitely have and I've never listened to their music. But their music always crops up in the magazines I read, and the reviews are always strong ones. Thus, you can see why I found it interesting that I was given links to these songs by them. When I say them, I mean him. And him = Colin Macintyre. Here is what he says of the change of name:

“It’s important for me that my fanbase realises that nothing has changed here on a creative front. They are still “The Society” and I’m still from Mull. By dropping the MHS name I’ve not suddenly gone solo – I already was solo.

“What I’m doing, by changing to my own name, is part of the continuation of my creative journey, and I wont be doing anything differently from the way I’ve operated before, except that I think this change will help me grow more as an artist. For some time now I’ve thought about doing this and now it feels like I’ve shed a skin. But I’ll always play songs live from ALL of my previous albums. And maybe it was also time for me to give the real MHS their name back!” Colin

Colin MacIntye

I love you more

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