Friday, March 31, 2006

Benjamin Costello. Jamie T.

So this post, is about two things, from completely opposite ends of the spectrum, although I dunno. Maybe they're not. What is a spectrum, anyway? Well, obviously I know, but some things seem obviously different and yet are the same in a more subtle way. So maybe that's how it is here. Maybe. Not definitely. My head's fooked, so take take me too seriously today - [calling all detractors; calling all criticism...] Anyways, here's what I've culled from the internet about Jamie T. Some sources will be referenced. Some won't. I'm tired. Angry? Hey, it's ok, "I'm only... like... joking" - to quote Jamie T, himself.

The Guardian did a best new bands of this year... Jamie T is one of them, chosen by Tom Vek [ohh.. wow.. so scene.. et cetera, et freakin' cetera*] who he actually did a gig with at the very start.

Tom Vek says, "His song, If You Got the Money, wins the award for Most Stuck in My Head Song After One Listen. It's a perfect example of this young man's gift for song and modern-day storytelling."

Somewhere, Jamie T got described as a mixture of "songwriters like Mike Skinner and Ray Davies, and [...] one-guy-and-a-guitar la Willy Mason".

Apparently, "he cites influences as The Pogues, Rancid, Elvis Costello and The Specials, as well as the garage and drum'n'bass tunes he encountered at raves".

And he also hands out free copies of a mix-tape compiled by himself. It also includes one track of his on it. Or so the website would have me believe. So all's good..

In other news, Benjamin Costello now has a blog, which I think will be used to write about the writing and recording of his new album. So check it out, here.

So, there's new Benjamin Costello recordings, which I have yet to check out. Cool.

Benjamin Costello

Time After Time
Got To Begin Again
I Remember

I guess I'll listen very soon and then give my opinion. Ok. So I just heard the best lyric of today. Go listen to Ike & Tina [streaming media]... to hear this piece of raw honesty,

"Off my face and I need a hug"

*Note: I like Tom Vek. So sorry if I gave the impression I didn't. I don't like scenesters.
*Additional Note: to finish this post, we'll finish with some RAGE [against... the... yea] lyrics. They say jump, and you say HOW HIGH?! Ready? Set? Go: fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.

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supergurg said...

yaya for sharing the Benjamin Costello love

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