Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Regina Spektor (BBC/MySpace)

Today, I was going to try and post on Mates of State, or Jens Lekman, or anyone really. Unfortunately, I can't because I'm too obsessed with Jamie T. I'm listening to those demo's and they're impressive, especially "Ike & Tina" and "Do you feel me?". Check 'im out at his site.

Also go here for Regina Spektor stuff. Think I shall be downloading it straight away.

Also go here for MySpace rips of her new songs. They're a tad good. So good that it breaks my har, har-har-har, har-har-har, ha-ha-heart.

So anyway, I have nothing to post, due to the fact that I've already posted enough on Jamie T. But Regina Spektor is at the other end of the spektrum [sic] from him, so enjoy her. She's popular you know. What with the anti-folk thing. And the supporting Kings of Leon and The Strokes thing. S'all good.

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Jennings said...

Thanks for the shout.