Sunday, April 16, 2006

Begin to hope...

I managed to get straight through from Tuesday 'til today without making a post. Some might say I'm slacking off; others might say I'm dying. I've been a tad sick and for the past while have either been in my bed at the caravan, or in my bed at the house. Right now I'm in my bed at the house, so I can ly back and afford to make another post without too much effort. All before breakfast, which I have to make for myself, since I'm all alone right now.

Everyone knows I love Regina Spektor. It's common knowledge. I mean, who doesn't love Regina Spektor? Her voice is pretty much adorable and her eclectism/eccentricism is part of what makes her so fascinating/enjoyable to listen to. Well, she has a new album coming out sometime soon (June 13th), called Begin to Hope, and three tracks from the album have been released on all digital service providers. Those three tracks are:

* Fidelity
* Better
* Summer in the City

...and I've heard the first two, which was definitely worth buying. Haven't heard the third however. If you still need more convincing about Regina's brilliance, [she's been featured on this blog twice already], then I'll include a link to a stream of Fidelity. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm away to pass out. Then get breakfast.

Regina Spektor

Fidelity (128 kbps)

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