Monday, April 17, 2006


What to say what to say what to say whattosay...

It's a tough life and it takes everything you got just to keep yourself happy. Sometimes you just have to do what you feel like doing. And vice versa. Don't feel like doing something? Don't do it. And poverty... well, despite what people say about money and how it doesn't... BLAH... well, poverty might make you unhappy. So try and stay upbeat, work hard, make money, do everything you've gotta do, save your soul save your soul save your soul, keep your heart strong. Dip in and dip out of various pursuits, find the right activity for you. Sometimes it takes a good night of getting pissed. Fair enough. Sometimes it takes a night in listening to silly music and watching silly tv and giggling. Life. Is. All. That. You. Make. It.

So tonight's post is a bit ad-libbed [read: completely]. Guess who I'm listening to? Voxtrot. Yes, that band that everyone who has a blog has already talked about. And it's not like I'm late in coming forward. I heard them at the same time everyone else did, I just waited for the right time to post about them. And I feel it's probably now. Now that everyone is probably forgetting about them for the next scene band of the moment. Now that I'm enjoying the lovely, beautiful, Smiths inspired pop/indie-rock. Everyone loves Morrissey. LIES. But he has been very influential, and his influence is definitely upon the lyrics of these guys.

Two years of touching only teaches you to fight

What with the clever word-play, [or a simple sentiment thinly veiled as word-play... is it, isn't it? Don't think. Don't think. Thinking is conducive to depression. Not always? Not always, but sometimes]. Definitely seems like a Morrissey influenced lyric to me...

Well, here you have it, Voxtrot. Hey, look at that. There's a plane flying out my window. No, I'm not joking. Sometimes it's nice living in close proximity to an airport. There's always the illusion of possibility of getting away at any...




The Start of Something
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives

I find The Start of Something to be a delightfully delicate love song. I find Mothers, Sisters, and co, also very very charming. Think what you will of this post, and its non-sensical ramblings - slash - lack of punctuaction and proper grammar, but you can't deny that Voxtrot do make quite brilliant music sometimes. I'm not bringing anything new to the table, just sharing old [old? not really old... say... half-new] favourites with you.

On another note: soberness ain't all it's cracked up to be.

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leahper said...

i've never really read your actual blog before, normally i just jack the music :P

you make a lot of sense.