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Continuing on with the post-rock/(whatever you call it) theme, todays post will feature the Danish band, Efterklang, who's name literally translates as "after-noise". On their website this band claim to have a "6th member who makes films for their songs". Personally, I think that's pretty cool, as I think visuals can add to music alot. For example the video for "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" by Stars is incredibly sad, and perfectly suited to the song *note: expect to see a post on Stars very soon. Another aspect of this band that I found interesting is that they run their own label, Rumraket, despite not being signed to it themselves, as they're signed to The Leaf Label. Hold tight, this is going to be a long post. The band of 5 core members, also have the Icelandic string quartet Amina, most famous for their extraordinary work with Sigur Rós, guesting on many of their recordings. Thus it should come as no surprise that their music is at times compared with the work of Sigur Rós *note: expect a post on Sigur Rós very soon as it captures the often dream-like spacious aural landscapesand shimmering oceans that Sigur Rós' music not only touches upon, but also frequently dives into. 34 musicians guested the recordings of Tripper, Efterklang's 2004 release, and it was met with complimentary reviews by both Pitchfork - "astonishing... this music should continue to reverberate in your memory", and the Guardian - "Five stars"..


Swarming (Antenne Version)

So here are a bunch of songs that I found on their website. Listed in the order that I heard them, - self-indulgence, anyone? - they're well worth listening to. Luckily, I trawled the internet a little more, and have found some other stuff of interest, like this song, courtesy of The Leaf Label.

... More Efterklang

Step Aside

Alright, I'll come out with it. I linked to that song and didn't listen to it. But, now I am listening to it, and I assure you, it is well worth your time. I can't decide whether it's uplifting or not. It's quite vibrant, with subdued vocals, and if you are into cross-referencing your music then "Step Aside" sounds like a song that Stars might release - for two reasons:

a) The music is pulsating, multi-layered and well-executed
b) Both male and female vocals feature, competing for attention

I apologise for this being a rather sprawling post. Might I offer up a few reasons? It's meant to be the warmest day in February, and although I can't find any hyperlinks to back this information up, (it was a passing comment from a passing person, as I recall), it certainly feels like it. Currently typing up this long-delayed post in the stuffy library, I'm looking out at a blue sky with those fluffy white clouds most apparent in summer months, where young girls and boys sit outside on the grass and laugh and joke, rest and meditate on what the future holds. Through the ancient glass I see the sprawling cityscape - a mass of gray and one green spire - laid out underneath these clouds, and I can just imagine finding shapes in them. But I won't.

Another reason for this being a sporadic post is that I'm listening to Belle and Sebastian *note expect a post on Belle and Sebastian very soon and Stars, and both bands are distracting me in that feel-good way which makes one unable to think straight. For all of this you have my apologies. Here is my consolatory gift:

... Even More Efterklang

Swarming - Official Video
Chapter 6 film taken from Efterklang's live show
Prey And Predator film taken from Efterklang's live show
Collecting Shields video - Unofficial *note: quicktime

Quick note: there are Quicktime and Real Player versions of the videos I have posted, if you would like those instead please go here. The reason I have posted the Windows Media Player versions of the first three videos: I use Winamp and believe it is the best media player out there, as it supports nearly all file types, including .m4a (iPod compatible files). So, in future, all videos will be posted as .wmv, if at all possible, although to be fair, Quicktime is also good. Personally, I despise Real Player. So there's no link to it, *smile*..

Like this band? If so, then please buy their albums here. You might notice, that this is the first post where I have actually had a "buy" link. The fault is all mine. Mainly because I've been lazy up 'til this point, with short-posts, etc etc... however, I plan to make this blog actually quite good so from now on there will only be lazy posts when there is no time left. Tick tock. Tick. Talk...

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