Friday, May 05, 2006

Les Angles Morts

I could make yet another post about some big well known band, that's been done before. Well, this one's about those guys in Arcade Fire. No wait, sorry; who were in Arcade Fire as, *according to Chris Taylor from AIDs Wolf,

"What a lot of people don't know is that individually each one of them has had some sort of time spent with Arcade Fire, playing in their band. They were part of the lineup at one point or another. So they're all musicians who have played really well and cut their teeth on the Montreal scene in the last four or five years. And they've played all over the place."
Myles Broscoe and Brendan Reed featured on Arcade Fire's s/t debut EP, before leaving to create **Les Angles Morts, a chaotic art-rock band. However, much like Frog Eyes, Les Angles Morts are never likely to get the attention they deserve, despite a heavy cult following and many fans from Montreal. That said, they do have an album out, titled "What's Real?" which was released under Blue Skies Turn Black. The tracks are chaoticly addictive, and the album is a quite eclectic collection which maintains a certain psychedelia throughout - a listening experience comparable to walking through a computer at times.

MP3's from "What's Real?"
Huge Antlers
Whats Real summer

The music is apparently all scores for films they make, and they are apparently as obsessed with video at their gigs as they are with music. Their website shows how truly arty/insane they are, and once you're in there you won't be able to get out until you feel you ***understand it. The website includes material from other bands like Noh Cars Go which is another of Brendan Reeds project. A lot of the music doesn't even make sense and seems unfinished but tracks like Reform Forrest and Sel Keys make it worthwhile to give it a look.

*This interview is actually where I first heard about Les Angles Morts, while searching for information on AIDs Wolf, this quote originates here also.
**Translation : The Dead Angles
***You will never understand it.

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