Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The moon is a tiny crescent

...when I look at it from my bed, in my room, out of the window.

Friday's have always been the best night for me. Everything happens on a Friday. Saturday's are slow days. But, last Saturday? Amazing. Dan's birthday was amazing... drunkness was amazing.. and it was preceded by The Frames... Glen [Hansard - lead singer of The Frames] is mental. Officially.

The Frames

I like this song quite a lot: People Get Ready

Glen Hansard and Mic Christopher

And I would like to add that the first line [including the title] of this post is true. Thus, making this song relevant: The Whole of the Moon
[I saw the crescent, but you saw the whole of the moon]

I'll do a proper post at somestage, but this one is to keep you happy in the meantime, and stuff. After all: We have all the time in the world... to get it right.

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CubikArubik said...

This is a great version of "Whole of the Moon'. The original was by the Waterboys back in the 80's.
I got to see them when I was about 14 in my local community center and it was an amazing show.
Glen Hasard has such a great voice-such fucking passion.
Nice one.