Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hey, what's going on?

Here's something quick just to tide you over. See it's reaching midnight. And when it hits midnight a new day starts. And if a new day starts then I didn't post today. I'm trying to avoid incidents like this. When they happen they will happen in isolation. Anyway, like I say, just a quick one, tomorrow's will be all weird again I'd imagine. Most of it's in my head already from today's: feelings / moods / experiences / visions / sadness. So it's just a matter of finding the time and writing it up, dragging myself to wear the old heart on the old metaphorical sleeve [which probably won't happen since I like to talk in a cloudy haze of vague poetic imagery] and making it fit to whatever music I feature.

In order to play shows and go on tour as much as she could, Melanie Valera of Garrison Rocks, created a solo project: Tender Forever was born. “emotional pop” or “lo-fi R&B” are unusual definitions, but do not give the complexity of it at all. In the first place, Tender Forever is a girl performing alone with her DIY crafty sounds, a cardboard laptop, a very personal body language, tears, cut-outs, spasms…and more. Tender Forever also means countless people, feelings and emotions living through her music. Tender Forever plays guitar and calls you into play. Tender Forever sings, dances, gets stirred, excited, worn-out, falls on the floor and affects us. Tender Forever is something very, very fragile! And at the same time, it is a great ball of fire dragging along everything in its way, which might wake up intense things that are buried deep in each one of us...

Tender Forever

Then If I'm Weird

This song's a bit of a strange one to be honest, in that I'm not sure what to make of it. I think I like it. It seems kind of jokey but it's still fairly sad. Confused the old brain, to be honest. Although I'm featuring this song, it should be noted that there's a better one called, "Take it off", which I couldn't find hosted somewhere that wasn't a blog. Go search for it though. It's good. But still this post filled its purpose in that in gave you a fairly good song to listen to, some biographical information about an artist, and filled a gap. Think of this as a bridge. From one day to the next to the next to the next. A steady stream of information, updated daily [*note: preferably - not always though...] This is the Domino Effect in practice. You have to set them up to knock them down.



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