Friday, April 28, 2006

Sufjan Stevens

No one knows how I feel about Sufjan Stevens [except for Thom] 'cause I've never featured him on the blog, and now is not the time to get fully into it. But, to keep this short:

I love his music. It's incredibly lovely. I associate it with love, affection, tenderness, memories, hard decisions, moving on, changing scenery [remember that lake in Stirling? It was beautiful. The sun was out, it was a nice day. I think it started raining. No matter - the memory sifts through and selects the gems]. This is music for falling apart to but also for restoring your faith in whatever it is you believe in. I've connected with the music. Enough gayness.

The fact that he does/did/does? do shows in funny costumes? How do I feel about that? I'm not sure, since it adds a joky nature to the music which I've only had glimpses of but never really seen in all its undoubtedly brilliant glory. Like a flash of light. Like a blind spot on your vision. He is amazing. That's all... here's a track that Pitchfork featured. And then head over here to get another. The always fantastic Good Weather For Airstrikes did have two others, but the label requested their removal. Pity.

Sufjan Stevens

Dear Mr Supercomputer

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