Monday, April 24, 2006

So say you want it

I'm tired. Not really. I'm just lazy. I think that's it anyway. My brain isn't quite functioning, right now, and I'm looking at a leaflet on Uni accomodation for next year. Freak out? Gettin' there. But I still have a couple of maths papers to do [sic: 'couple' denotes 'two'. The word 'five' does not denote 'two'] so there's still plenty of time for that. There shall be an onslaught of depression tonight, or boredom, I'm sure of it. So to get us in the mood let's listen to some Jens Lekman style stuff not by Jens Lekman. Oh, intrigued are we? Well, then, maybe you would actually like to listen to Jacob Borshard. He has two albums on the internet. Why? Beats me.

Hey, you, do you like free music?

I'm going to feel the static crackle, waiting for the hum to disappear, the mental lethargy to rumble slow-motion style into kinetic moments and I shall be back, like a bird, flying away and around and boomeranging back into place. Soon. Soon, I will return and finish this post. Where am I going? Outside to breathe freshly poisoned air [by my own hand, no less... clicky clicky on the lighter] and watch the sun descend.

I'm afraid to say that I know next to nothing about Jacob Borshard, as I discovered him on Catbirdseat and didn't really read, just downloaded [I'm playing catch-up, blog-wise, starting tonight over about two weeks worth on content on every blog... hmm...] What can I tell you then, to make you interested? Well, aside from the Jens Lekman comparison, there is also the fact that Catbirdseat described his music as "ukelele bedroom pop". And that I think it's good. So I think you should all listen. Closely too, for there are some very noteworthy lyrics in the mix. Like this:

I've been thinking all day about this dream I had where I never lost you
But the only mermaid that's flesh and blood is a bad tattoo
The stars are out and the moon is new; how long do I have to stand here praying?

from the song, Grass Stains.

Jacob Borshard

6,000,000 Dead Punks Can't Be Wrong
My Sweet Skyline
Grass Stains
Brains, Brains

Music for those tired afternoons. Anyway, I boomeranged back into place, into shape, and then lost all hope. I've been grappling with the merits of actually doing this maths and I'm coming up short. Reasons against: I'm incompetent, it's too hard, i'm too lazy, it's boring, i'm fed up, it's pointless, pointless, pointless. Reasons for: teacher, oh el profesor, won't have a reason to lecture me. I won't have to avoid class. I think the reasons against are winning but I'm not too sure. Who knows? Well, basically... as far as this blog is concerned...

I'm back. Goodbye.

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