Thursday, April 27, 2006

Time to think about life

I had typed up a post [didn't take long, four lines] where I explained I was going to post soon. Turns out I'd nothing better to do so soon equals now. How soon is now? [As Morrissey asked]... well for me, it's right now. But anyway, point of the story? I changed my mind when I saw that Think About Life were getting popular and I decided to get in on the game. I like the song "What the future might be" alot. Not too fussed on everything else I've heard so far, reminds me too much of The Unicorns [who I've seen hyped as the band that all cool people like now and liked before their dismemberment, but who I've never really seen as anything other than average. 'cause I'm boring I guess... or just haven't given them the time of day. I'm lazy like that] So anyway, I hope you like these tracks I'm going to post after I ramble - they're those songs you stick on at a party when you're drunk as hell and think a bit of madness might brighten up the room and stop everyone from taking so many breaths before they speak; intended to kick the party off again, or just make people laugh and joke and go "what the fuck's going on?". Pretty much.

So my thoughts on Think About Life's actual sound? A swarming mess of synths and keyboards, [and other instruments, of course] lo-fi production and vocals just thrown around the mix. Hailing from Montreal, perceived hip capital of the indie world, they were personally invited by Wolf Parade to be their support act during last year’s autumn tour. So they've got all the street-cred they'll ever need in the world... listen to them and their wacky brand of post-punk electronica hazy drunken chemically enhanced music.

Think About Life

Paul Cries
Serious Chords
Snowee Caterpillar

I think the artwork is stunning. The song "Paul Cries" reminds me of a Derry band called Farrago. A lot. Mainly 'cause of the ascending harmonising.

Edit [five minutes later]: I might retract my "not fussed" statement soon. 'cause I'm starting to really like "Paul Cries". Although it reeeeally reminds me of some other band as well. I wish I could work it out.

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clifton said...

ya paul cries is an awesome song