Sunday, March 04, 2007

I Was A Cub Scout Tour And Offer Mixtapes

Have you heard I Was A Cub Scout? I like them, alot. I saw them live at Club NME a while ago, and thought they had catchy tunes, but couldn't really make out much due to the muddled sound. However, one listen to Pink Squares is enough to convince you of their talent for crafting catchy, electronically-aided indie-pop. I'll be going to see them again on the 15th of March [the sound will be better too! since it's King Tuts!] and since they're touring all over the place, they've uploaded a mixtape. This includes one song from them, and six other songs by bands that shall be supporting them, at various stages, throughout the tour.

I Was A Cub Scout PRESENTS

The Tour Mixtape

Here's the tracklisting for all interested:'Can’t They Tell We’re Joking'
Rolo Tomassi – 'Seagull'
Linda’s Nephew – 'Get Back Attack'
I Was A Cub Scout – 'Part II'
Decay Ends A Decade – 'Notes'
Sky Days Off – 'This Idea Is Suicide'
Tonight Is Goodbye'Snap Snap'

For a chance to win a physical copy of the mix, (of which there are five to be given away), go here. Slightly emo, chirpy pop songs make up the majority of it. Particular favourites are:

Tonight Is Goodbye

Snap Snap [recommended for fans of The Spill Canvas]

Can't They Tell We're Joking? [recommended for fans of Hot Club de Paris].

I Was A Cub Scout

Pink Squares
Teenage Skin

The odd thing for me, about I Was A Cub Scout is the sense of darkness within their music. It's at the edges of it. Imagine their music as a loose sheet of newspaper. There's the colour and vibrancy of the pictures, there's a few eye-catching headlines, but then, down in the bottom corner, tucked away, there's the obituary section. The catchy electronic pop of I Was A Cub Scout, for me at least, is tinged with this pervading sense of sadness, beauty, fragility, darkness. And it's through this that their music gains a longevity... immediate, instantly accessible, yet enduring.

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