Tuesday, March 06, 2007



My Moon, My Man

This song practically skips along the pavement before throwing itself into your arms. Each line is sang so close to the microphone that with each word's passing, a stray breath is left in its wake; the occasional sigh. The words seem entirely unimportant; the melody could be a string of "la's" and it would still sound the same to me. Like a lazy afternoon; a sigh; a smile with arched eyebrows. [Buy previous albums]


One Evening (live)
Intuition (live)
Lover's Spit (live Broken Social Scene cover)
Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)

These live tracks are interesting and lovely: relatively stripped back renditions ensuring that the vocals are the centrepiece. Vocally, Feist comes across like a shy, gifted child. The Postal Service remix is delicate and delightful. Both "My Moon, My Man", and "Intuition" will be on Feist's new album, The Reminder, out 23rd April. Here's the only UK dates of her upcoming tour:

16 April 2007 Komedia, Brighton
17 April 2007 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

Bright Eyes

Mushaboom (Feist cover)

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Ctelblog said...

Beautiful description of My Moon, My Man. But the Bright Eyes cover only shows up the sortcomings in his voice.