Sunday, March 04, 2007


N.B. All links should now work again for the OXEGEN posts.

I upgraded my fileden account, so they should work for a little while at least. Let's celebrate:

I don't know how you plan to celebrate, but I've already done so. I saw Los Campesinos! tonight at Capitol, in Glasgow and they were fantastic. Their support, Sky Larkin, all came onstage during You! Me! Dancing! to play drums and hit mic stands and basically make a racket. Everyone up the front was disco dancing for the duration of the set, and that can only be a good thing. It's exciting, scratchy, beautiful guitar music with violins and keyboards thrown in to join the party. In short, it's great. If you have a chance to see Los Campesinos! then you definitely should.

Here's the last gigs of the tour, and two others they've planned:

4 March 2007 Late Rooms, Manchester (with Sky Larkin)
5 March 2007 Spitz, London (with Sky Larkin) - SOLD OUT!!
4 June 2007 The Point (14+), Cardiff
5 June 2007 The Scala (16+), London

Los Campesinos!

Death To Los Campesinos!
You! Me! Dancing!
Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks

To be perfectly honest: after seeing tonight's performance I am not at all surprised that Los Campesinos! supported the amazing Broken Social Scene. A well-deserved honour that just goes to show how evolved and glorious their sound is, despite being new kids on the block.

Hope you enjoy all the photos. There are a lot more here. I nearly broke my camera tonight trying to take pictures and dance at the same time. I can never resist a good old disco dance to amazing indietastic pop tunes.


mp3hugger said...

Yep a cool new band, and I love the way they seem to take us bloggers into account by post loads of free tunes. Sounds like a great gig!

Hold-on-for-dear-life said...

It's a pity it took their live performance for me to realise how truly great they are. Though that's often the way... was the same way for me especially with Broken Social Scene. It was a fantastic, chaotic, performance though.

Yea I know, especially the way their new single is up for download on their website with artwork and the video. Can't say fairer than that. It's a well-deserved honour that they got signed by Wichita.