Thursday, March 08, 2007

No One Would Riot For Less

Bright Eyes

No One Would Riot For Less

Due to the slightly annoying fact that on my University network I can't download MP3's, I can tell you nothing about this song other than: Yes, this is off the forthcoming Cassadaga (which half the world and me are thrilled about). Anyway, it's probably a good thing I can say nothing about this, since I have an essay due for 3 hours time, and I've done 72 words. Enjoy your morning. Maybe you'll let me know if this song's good. Cheers.


Conor Oberst and (now full-time) crew are also playing two UK dates:

Saturday 16/03 Koko, London
Monday 18/03 Brookes University Student Union, Oxford

Hope you have your tickets sitting on top of your bedside table. Otherwise, I doubt you'll find any.

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Evan said...

The song is very beautiful. I have high hopes for this LP now.