Saturday, March 25, 2006

after a night out...

I swear I'm too awake... I want to sleep. Here's some random lyrics from some random songs, mainly about ambiguity, sadness, tiredness, confusion...

"I'm not quite how I should be
been finding tricks too hard
I'm thinking something must be broken
'cause it wasn't like this before...

...i'm so scared just kill me
time and time again
i can't live with compromise
so maybe we can talk as friends
if at first you don't succeed try again for me...

...its in the way that you look
it's in the books that we'll read
it comes and goes like a friend
it's with me right till the end
it's in the memories i lost
it's concentrating too much
it's breaking down our relations
and it's the beat of the clock
it's not being able to explain
or get your feelings across
it's in the pain that won't leave you
it's coming straight back for us
it's in the new lease on life
and the search that ends well
it's in finding that change
it's being happy again"

"true love waits"

"smile, that fake, fake smile"

Okay, that's it. Anyway... Time to bring in the J.O.Y. I think.

Jenny Owen Youngs

Fuck Was I

This song is lovely and if it wasn't for all the cursing you could listen to it with your parents. Caustic lyrics set to lazily played acoustic guitar, casually plucking notes every now and then. There are other orchestral instruments too, which feature quite heavily, actually. I don't really have anything else to add, other than the fact that she's 16, which makes the song all the more impressive.

P.S. Tonight was good. Good things: friends, drink, music. This Charming Man is an amazing party song... mm-hmm.

*Note: post originally written at 4am... edited later.

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