Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So, this is following on from the last post. Sorry about the Radiohead saturation [am I really? No, not really...] but since they are coming to Dublin on their tour, I'm not overly concerned about posting about them too much. [Can you do such a thing?] They're an amazing band. Remember you can go here and here for more Radiohead stuff [remixes and rarities] over at S k a t t e r b r a i n. Here's some huge writing, and some MP3's. It's all good in the hood.

Radiohead Live

Exit Music
The Bends
*Note: Earl's Court recordings... go here to download a lot more of them.

Radiohead Covers

Mark Ronson w/Alex Greenwald

*Note: courtesy of Motel de Moka.


High and Dry

Christopher O'Riley

True Love Waits
Karma Police
*Note: Instrumental covers... these were rough demo's, not album versions. Hear more.

Damien Rice

Creep - acoustic

Benjamin Costello

Wolf at the Door
Let Down
No Surprises

Notes on the covers... those Benjamin Costello covers are interesting. They sort of soften the songs, take away the experimentalist edges and make them more like plaintive odes to misery. I love that cover of Just by Mark Ronson and co. It's fantastic. Turning the song into more of a party song that anything, it's just brilliant.

The Damien Rice cover is pretty ordinary. Simply sounds - unsurprisingly - like a cover of Radiohead performing Creep acoustic [on the My Iron Lung EP, from what I remember]. What I mean is this: there's no real flair, the melody is kept the exact same, only difference is that it's Damien Rice's voice instead of Thom Yorke's. So nothing too exciting really, but I like Damo, and well... he hasn't had a new album out in about - how long now? - FOREVER. He has re-released "O" about seven times though. Impressive.

The instrumental piano versions of the Radiohead tracks by Christoper O'Riley are cool. Good music to just chill out to. Background music is excellent... makes life feel normal. If there's no hiss, no hum, no music, then what is there? A vacuum. Anyways, Christoper O'Riley also does Elliott Smith covers. And other stuff.

That Bilal track is pretty funky... nicely chilled out. Here's what he said about Radiohead :

"Although most people consider me the go to guy for all things UK, I've never been a huge fan of Radiohead. I've just never been that depressed to get into their music."

And, Thom Yorke replies with:

"If people get it, they wouldn't think it's depressing. When people always say that fucking annoying thing about how my work's so depressing, well it's not because.. it's just words, and I put the words to music which I think it's an uplifting thing, otherwise there would be no point in doing this at all."


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Like a moth to a flame, I am drawn to all posts Radiohead. This one is uncommonly good. Thank you muchly.

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Great covers! Thank you from Atlanta, Georgia.