Friday, March 24, 2006

Reverie Sound Revue

I'm not sure if I ever did a post on Reverie Sound Revue, but I don't think I did. So I will now. Lisa Lobsinger was the singer of the band and she is now a member of Broken Social Scene. When I went to see them live in Belfast she sang [as opposed to Leslie Feist, Emily Haines, or Amy Millan singing - since they're all enjoying their own success], and was amazing, especially her rendition of Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl. Her voice is spectacular, she looked amazing, and there was something completely intriguing about her stage presence. There was an absence of flair. More a humble, bookish way of holding herself, lost in the music, singing to herself as much to anyone else. Was weird, but captivating.

I would say the music of her old band, Reverie Sound Revue, is very chilled-out, electro-pop [ish], lovely, pleasant, sometimes jazzy, happy, summertime music. Since it's coming up to the summer, and it's likely to be the hottest summer here in eleven years [or something; something to do with cycles, weather conditions repeating, and other stuff which I don't understand]... this is the perfect sort of music. For lazy afternoons sitting outside watching the grass grow and reading your favourite novel.

Facts (and opinions?):

#1: Reverie Sound Revue come from Calgary, Alberta, Canada;
#2: The band broke up at some point in the Spring of two thousand and four;
#3: Lisa Lobsinger now sings with the amazing, Canadian collective, Broken Social Scene;
#4: She likes to sing barefoot: apparently she does it all the time, and she did it at the gig I saw;
#5: I can't find an official website for Reverie Sound Revue so I've linked to a wonderful fansite [lots of MP3's on it] instead;
#6: I think the name Reverie Sound Revue is perfect for their music. Think rivers, oceans, sunlight, glistening fountains, crystals, dew drops, wine-glasses, snowflakes and most of all... think of sleepy little reveries. Reverie, of course, coming from the French word "rever", meaning "to dream". C'est parfait.

Reverie Sound Revue

Walking Around Waiting Downtown
Rip The Universe
The AM
It's All The Same
Carefree Radio
The City Belongs To Us
*Note: right-click and save target as or else it won't work.

Nice songs, I say. Hope you all agree that she has a lovely, lovely voice. After listening to those songs again, and refreshing my memory of what the band truly sound like, might I perhaps steal the words of Amy Millan, take them out of their original context, and say that Reverie Sound Revue make "lover's rock"? Yes, I may - only minus the rock... "lover's electro-pop" would be more appropriate, methinks *smile*. This music makes me want to lie down.

On that note: You'll be glad to hear that I got an e-mail the other day, recommending some unknown [I'd imagine] band from some unknown [I'd imagine] MP3 label. I downloaded an album [by one band] and an E.P. [by another band], and listened to it lying down. I felt relaxed. Sometimes it's good to listen to music that doesn't annoy, doesn't irritate, doesn't provoke, doesn't move. It was all lazy stuff from what I heard before I fell asleep, so I'll feature them when I get the time. I'm off to get to the bus, and read "The Art of Falling Apart" now. Maybe I'll pick up some pointers. *Note: only joking. Great book though..

N.B. If any of those MP3's don't work for you, click on any one of the "Reverie Sound Revue"' links in the post and go to the MP3 page and download from there. Why? 'cause Angelfire is shit, that's why.

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