Monday, March 20, 2006

Track a Tiger

I'm starting this post and... I don't know what I'm going to say, other than that hopefully it will centre on the band, Track a Tiger, and a few songs off their album, Woke Up Early The Day I Died. Ok. That's it. I'm going to listen to these songs properly and compose my thoughts [see: read a book]. I'll be back soon.

I'm back. My laptop was going crazy for a while. Too many applications were running too many things were downoading everything was getting fried y'know overheating, like, and well it was all a bit of a pain, especially considering I checked how much memory I have left, oh hey guess what - only just over a gigabyte! as in one! - oh dear... trouble! trouble! trouble.

My mood has suffered. Computer troubles leave me frustrated. Makes me feel like I'm not living... I'm just killing time, as the song goes. But anyway, so I listened to these songs a few times. They're lovely little numbers. All very soft and good for sleepy, late nights as is reported on their bio. Not surprising, considering the band started off as the solo effort of Jim Vallet. Comparisons could be drawn to Beat Radio, since it's got that slightly poppy, melancholy feeling about it all. Anyway, I enjoy it [although I'm not overly fussed on "Sound as Ever"]

Track a Tiger

Seashaken Heart
Glad To Be Scattered
Sound as Ever

As I finish off this post, it's a new day, and my mood is better. But not what you'd call good. Anyways, I'm more willing to give Sound as Ever the time of day. It's fairly decent, but still, the other two tracks seem more real to me, whereas this one still sounds like a middle-of-the-road cover of some middle-of-the-road song by some middle-of-the-road quiet country band who play music to twiddle your thumbs to.

Seashaken Heart is good though, the melody of the instrumentation is perfect for the song, especially around the 1:52 mark where it has a trademark little motif, which is used alot in the melancholy acoustic genre. Fair enough, the music isn't groundbreaking, but I've heard lots and lots of groundbreaking, new, innovative, exciting, insert-your-own-adjective-which-basically-screams-"Hello, my names hyperbole" which I haven't enjoyed. Whereas the music that Track a Tiger make is pleasant and feels honest, and I enjoy it and respect it as a valiant effort to contribute something meaningful to the world of music.

As for Glad to be Scattered [which I'm relistening to now]; I dunno what else to say that I haven't said. It actually reminds me slightly of Farrago [a band from Derry who you won't have heard of] or The Magic Numbers, due to the male-female vocal harmonies. This song's interesting actually 'cause the vocals seem very humble; soft-spoken voices almost hiding behind the drumbeat. You can imagine the singer just peeking his head over the drumset and singing his part. Actually, if a video was made [by myself] of this song, then it would feature the male singer and the female singer lying on separate beds, in the same room, on top of the duvet and singing quietly, for at least 2 minutes.

So anyway, that was never meant to be a track-by-track run-through, but you just never know what you're going to say/type. Anyways, since that was long, and I don't wanna type up another post, wait 'til tomorrow to find out about some more good music.

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