Monday, April 03, 2006

Big Names, Big Messes

And you will know us by the trail of dead. I may be used to the name by now, but i'm pretty sure the first time i heard it i thought it sounded like a metal band. The name apparently came from a Mayan chant and a similar Egyptian chant, however in an interview Conrad Keely pointed out that this, amongst some other "facts" about the band were lies. you can check that out HERE. But once i got over the fact that TOD are not a metal band and listened to their music i realised they write quite nice songs, nowadays they are possibly my favourite band. Likelyhood is you've probably heard them before, but, i think they still deserve a post.

At the minute if i could see any band in the world live, it would be these guys. I suppose THIS is as good a reason as any. I like bands that make a mess and throw things about, gives you that chance to stop at a gig and turn to your friend to say, "Did he just do that?". Another great thing about there live show is the instrument swapping, with the drummer swapping to be frontman at some points.

My optimum choice for checking out has to be "A perfect teenhood" from the album "Madonna" [Live at Reading, taken from TOD's media page] for its fast paced Hardcore/punk feel throughout the song only to drown in its own noise at the end, with Conrad's yelps of "Fuck You" being the only thing remaining afloat. But other noteworthy songs to check out are:

-Prince with a thousand Enemies
-Days of Being Wild
-Richter Scale Madness

Mistakes and Regrets
The Best
Worlds Apart

Further MP3's and Videos on Trail of Deads Media Page

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