Saturday, April 08, 2006

Straight From Our Hearts To Yours...

So tonight was a weird night. The title of this post is something close to a song title by The Poets of Rhythm. I bought their CD at the end of the night, and I was scared to put it on there now. See, the whole live thing made it sooo much better. I was worried it wouldn't work at all on CD. That, and the fact that the CD in question [Practice What You Preach] is 13 years old, culminated in worry. I guess there was no need to fear. I'm on track one... exactly three minutes and twenty-three seconds in, and it's funky. So how would I class The Poets of Rhythm? Well, visually I would say their live performance is a mixture of Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire. In fact, for the first hour or so I was wondering why the xylophonist wasn't in Arcade Fire. He was going mental. Actually. I spent the next hour wondering why he wasn't the drummer. The passion and rhythm with which he was hitting the xylophone was to be admired.

So, yea. I went out feeling lonely, bored, tired, fed up. I'm at home now - kinda buzzing, alone but feeling like I own the world or at least belong in it, and happy. The redemptive power of music? I think so. My friends buggered off to the Metro. I've been there too many times this week so I didn't go. I thought I'd finish my drink and then head on away from Sandino's but... nah. Just wasn't happening. Last night I was dancing to Westlife. Tonight I was skankin' to The Poets of Rhythm. Pure sweet. Diversity is definitely a blessing.

The track that's on right now is one that they played. Sweeeeeeeet. Anyway, there was 8 people on stage... bongo/flute [or something?] player, xylophonist/singer, singer/drummer [it was a special, maybe Indian, drum which I know not the name of], drummer, bassist, flute/maracas player, saxophonist, and... I can't remember what the other guy played. Jeez this is goin' to annoy me now... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhm. I can't remember at all, sorry.

But their music... I heard a fan [and the xylophonist] call it breakbeat. So, I would say. It was funk, breakbeat, world music, jazz, soul, and alot of other things which I'm not in touch with. It was amazing. Actually.

"There's the whole funk scene going on everywhere in the world". So said, the xylophonist, who also mentioned that the band were playing here, then London, then Belgium, then Germany... et cetera. You get the picture. An amazing band if ever I saw one. But if I just listened to the CD I probably wouldn't get it. Alot of bands are like that. For example, Broken Social Scene, although amazing on CD, make much much more sense on stage. It's easy to understand what's going on. You see the heart, the passion, the soul, within everything they play. And suddenly it clicks. You feel it. In your heart.

On another note, I'm developing my politeness. It's working. Tonight: "shocking... finally a decent guy and not some fuckin' stupid arsehole"

The other night: "wow, you're polite, here you can have your food straight away since you're so nice".

And on another note, I'm working tomorrow, so I'm going to sleep now. I won't be hungover. I barely drank anything. And it's just a job. It keeps me living. I'm happy. The world is a nice place. It's twenty to four. AM. Night night.. x

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