Sunday, April 02, 2006

E . S . C . O

WARNING: this is not your usual post that you might, or would hope to see on this page... it's just going to be me rambling on about fuck all in general. Thanks.

Definition of "hate"
feel hostility or animosity toward.
To detest
To feel dislike or distaste for: hates washing dishes
[ if you dont believe me:]

so this is the general feeling that i have towards my work today, i don't want to disclose thier company name, incase i offend one [or many] of their place of employment. 'cause we all know that's just plain not nice.
But there is a play i want to go to on Tuesday night, and now apparently i have to work, which is not part of my contracted hours so i don't want have to work. it's simple : tell work to fuck off.
but is anything ever that simple!?
answer: NO
i have a mate [a good one at that] who is contracted to work on tuesday nights, and he is also going to the same show, and i don't want him to miss it... cause to be honest, he'll probably enjoy it more than i will. My real reason for going is to get blocked. I think? or maybe not, cause i know that i'll actally enjoy the show.

On another note: I never thought that any band / artist could ever get the word "uga buga" into a song but the so called metal band [more edgey punk to me] Evangelists managed to do tonight, which was kinda fun.

So, things i hate...
i hate the way when you are writing in this blog spot when you notice that you have made a mistake and wish to go back and retpye you cant cause it types over the rest of the text. But in fairness i would'nt encounter this problem if i had a full keyboard, damn this small [less character] laptop keyboards.
I think i need the "insert" key ... dont you?

so i think that my bed is calling for me... but it's not actually calling me cause it's a bed, and they can't talk

so i would post some music here for you all to listen to, but i couldn't be fucked.
That's a lie; "couldnt be fucked" should be replaced with "dont have to the time to figure out how to." but its ok cause im gona name some songs that you should go and check out:
1. caP'n Jazz - Yes, im talking to you
2. American Football - Never Meant
3. Wolf Parade - Grounds For Divorce
4. The National - Secert Meeting

So this is how i feel about the things i hate at the moment ...
yes they are really not that important to me

this blog is for Mont, whom thought id never do one for him ... but look ^^ i have.
thats me
Over and Out

*Note: Edited to fix certain spelling errors. As there were too many, many grammatical errors were left uncorrected.

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