Monday, April 03, 2006

People In Planes

I have things - bands, artists, thoughts - which I would post about if I could properly be bothered, but I'm having a lazy day, during which I shall do absolutely nothing [hopefully]. You know how it is. So, I'm just going to find an old email I got, with a link to a song by People in Planes. They've already been featured [no hyperlink, due to laziness], so I guess there no need to say much of anything at all, really.

People in Planes

Light for the Deadvine

Oh yes! Must say that my reason for posting this, is that I saw they were #1 on Elbows' "What's Hot?" chart, so it felt appropriate. Just checked it out, and yes, this is the song that everyone's been posting.

Buy the album from iTunes. I hear that's the cool thing to do. Now, I swear when I was linked to that song it said "acoustic" in brackets after the title. Is it just me, or is this possibly the least acoustic sounding song [...previously labeled "acoustic], that you've heard all day? I think so. Then again; maybe it's just me.

Internet PR/e-marketing really is working, eh? I'm just a slave to the game...*

*Note: irony/sarcasm.

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